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This Non-Invasive Treatment gives you filler  result without needles.  Sculplla uses Poly-L-Lactic-Acid (PLLA), the ingredient used in Sculplla, the facial filler. Topically, it absorbs through the hair follicle. PLLA is combined with hydrogen sheet mask which creates together unique delivery system, diffusing it throughout the surface layer for optimum infusion, deep into the skin.  You will see immediate result with this treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles will be brought in new life. 

 $180 per treatment or $500 for 3
(Best in a series of  3 recommended)


Fight the forces of gravity with this innovative treatment  which gives the result  much like   the medical procedures. This treatment significantly improves  elasticity and volume of the skin , enhance sagging skin  and makes skin vital and elastic. It contains Collagen Gel , Colloidal Gold and Aloe Vera.  Collagen Gel has a lifting effect, Colloidal Gold makes skin elastic and Aloe Vera makes skin radiant and gives it magnificent glow as well as improve circulation of the skin.
 $125 per treatment 0r $325 for 3
(Best in a series of 3 for longer lasting maximum results)
For more amazing results, include micro current therapy (additional $50)

This Treatment is excellent for hyperpigmentation. It provides enough oxygen and brightening ingredients to the skin cell to improve Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and Melasma, making the skin clear, healthy, and radiant. Also, it gives skin scaling effect made of while  oxygen bubbles penetrate into the skin, stimulating blood circulation and moisturizing in order to make skin tone bright. Purifies and smooths your skin without irritation.
$1oo per treatment or $250 for 3

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