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     Skin is the largest organ in our body. We have to treat it with respect. Last year's beauty industry is brimming with various products, ingredients, and technology. Skin analysis is now at the next level because we can use new powerful equipment and more effective ingredients. The new challenge that estheticians now face is how to determine the perfect combination for each client to get her the result she is looking for. In other words, we need strategy.

     And strategy can usually be drawn from experience. We also have to improve our technique and continue  studying  because every day brings  innovation in   the cosmetology field. To stay on the top of the industry, we  really have to like what we’re doing and the people we work with. Strategy on its own is not enough.  We have to be passionate. 

     I bring both strategy and passion to all of my facials. Together, we can achieve amazing results: your beautiful, younger-looking skin. I can't wait to hear your “wow!” after you experience your best facial.

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